I’ve had this video sitting on my computer for almost two years now, and it’s finally time that I face my fear and share it. This whole project represents a desire that I have embedded in me: to use my creativity to bring attention to meaningful, important problems.

If you’re reading this before you watch the video, I’ll keep this vague so as not to spoil the ending!

I’ve always been infuriated by this issue, and while there is no shortage of articles and documentaries about it, the average age of the victims of this crime makes for a demographic that isn’t typically interested in watching documentaries.

So I wrote this song and filmed a music video with the intention of presenting one possible scenario out of many real scenarios that happen every day, with the hopes that it might promote extra caution, awareness, and urgency to fight this tragedy.

Thanks for watching, & I hope this means as much to you as it does to me!


Here is a list of different organizations to look into for more information and opportunities to support the fight.



Exodus Cry

Shared Hope International



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