What’s Your Speed Limit?

Imagine you’re driving a normal speed on the freeway, like 70 or 75 miles per hour. Now imagine your exit comes up & you don’t touch the brakes. Now you’re on the off-ramp, still going 75, flying through neighborhoods & traffic lights & stop signs.

I’m sure you’d never do that.

But are you speeding through life?

There are no speed limits in life, so sometimes we abuse our own limits. We push way past the appropriate speed, ignore the warning signs in our life and blaze through red lights without even realizing the consequences until we get that speeding ticket in the mail. For some of us, that ticket comes in the form of a doctor’s bill after our health deteriorates. Maybe you start forgetting important appointments, lose some of your hair, or you make a huge mistake at work.  

Everybody’s different, but nobody escapes the kickback of unmanaged stress from flying through life without taking care of themselves.

Let me start by saying that some situations require us to operate at lightning speed. We have to learn to adapt to that in order to cope with life’s challenges! But it’s all too easy to forget how to slow back down. I know I find myself rushing everywhere- choosing the shortest line at the store, weaving through traffic, and sometimes even cutting conversations short- but for what? And more importantly, at what expense?

The value of time is underrated.

Our society glorifies money and status, but what are either of those without the time to use them?

The thing is, many of us are operating out of a mindset of scarcity. We perceive that we don’t have enough of anything- enough time, enough energy, enough money, etc. So we move at full speed to make up for it. But I believe the problem isn’t really a lack of time, it’s a lack of priorities.

Even if there were 30 hours in a day, I still believe we “wouldn’t have enough time”. Why? Because we are encouraged to over-commit, and we often fail to set boundaries! (Speaking from experience.) 

I am NO expert in this. In fact, I am one of the worst people at time-management that I know- and that’s one of the main reasons why I’m writing this!

So here is my reminder to us all- stop sprinting through life. You weren’t made to go that fast!! Whether you are a bored college student with no homework or an overworked mom with 4 kids- you can slow down. You can do it. I don’t care if you have to lock yourself in your room & put on a movie for your kids instead of playing with them like you normally do (call me & I’ll come babysit, my treat!), or if you have to skip class and take a nap, or if you have to spend extra money on a massage (self-care, am I right??). You are still a good mom, you are still a good student, you are still a capable person. Prioritize your time and cut something out in order to spend it more wisely. Take care of yourself by slowing down in the moments between it all.

Your time = your health & well-being.