Today, I Choose Fear

Apparently, something happens when you start taking risks.
Living boldly become easier- almost even addicting, as time goes on.

Successful people have been saying this for a long time now: “Do one thing a day that scares you.”

Despite the numerous benefits boasted by those who take these risks, I don’t have enough hands on which to count just how many times I’ve heard this advice and done absolutely NOTHING about it. Anyone else?

It’s a great idea in theory- but in practice? Much more difficult.
Most days, I stay safe in the bubble of my comfort zone, thinking about all the awesome things I could be doing if I just put myself out there.

I’ve spent much of my life living in fear. I am prone to anxiety, and frequently deal with fear from various made-up scenarios in my head. It’s actually ridiculous. I’ll see an instagram post about a pregnancy announcement and then spiral into panic about the fact that one day in the very far future, I will be giving birth!!! Ridiculous. My brain is fun like that. But most of the time, I’m worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet and probably will never happen. If I’m going to be scared about some obscure hypothetical situation anyways, why not take a meaningful risk and be scared about that? There is nothing wrong with fear itself. The problem comes from allowing yourself to live in obedience to fear.

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So today is a day that I have chosen fear. Today is a day to do something that scares me: start a blog.

I have been a DEDICATED journaler since I could write. These are just some of the journals I’ve filled up over the years!

I’ve grown to rely on writing as a means of catharsis, and have gotten through some of the most difficult events of my life by writing through them. I feel that it’s time I start sharing more of my ideas, even though it scares me.

Here are some reasons why this scares me:

  1. I’m sensitive, and even just the thought of negative feedback sends me into a panic.
  2. I’m a relatively private person, and prefer to keep most things to myself.
  3. I care too much about what people think of me.

Here are some reasons why the above reasons do not matter:

  1. If I live in fear of rejection my whole life, I will ultimately reject the life God wants me to live.
  2. “The value of emotions comes from sharing them, not just having them” (Quote by Simon Sinek). I have significantly benefited from the vulnerability of others, and want to be a part of that.
  3. I will not let my life be dictated by the fear of other’s opinions.

I think everyone experiences these fears, but not everyone overcomes them. I don’t want to live my life in the shadows of my dreams anymore, so if you’re reading along, thanks for being a part of my risk, however small it may be!

What risk can you take in your own life today?

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