Time To Bloom

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE springtime!! The idea of flowers blooming, ice melting away, and more sunshine makes me feel like it’s time for a new beginning, not only in the weather but also in my personal life. 
I think all of us have little seeds planted in our hearts that have been iced over, and we need to work on defrosting those little seeds so that they can become beautiful flowers. Let me explain what I mean with a personal example. 
I tend to be critical. The word “critical” in itself just takes on a negative connotation. So I have, for the longest time, been kind of embarrassed of this trait.
I mostly focus on the bad side of this quality, and frequently say (out of obligation) that I should be more accepting and view things with a less analytical lens. 
However!! There’s also a huge benefit to the way my mind works. I’m able to notice small details, easily see where things aren’t working well, and come up with ideas for improvement. This set of skills is highly coveted in a variety of different important jobs. My negative view of the useful abilities I have does me no good.
In this example, my critical thinking is the seed.
The embarrassment, shame, and unwillingness to acknowledge it as a strength is the ice that keeps the seed from flourishing.
But I can melt that ice away by reframing my thinking. I can acknowledge the benefit of having an analytical brain, and come up with ways to harness that strength in a productive, constructive way.
I can also work to eliminate the unnecessary use of this skill in settings that aren’t so helpful- like when I go to the movies and pick apart all the bad things about it and annoy poor Devon to death, for example.
What little seeds are planted in your life that you’ve iced over? What have you buried down and stifled? Chances are, you’re really passionate about something that hasn’t even surfaced in your life yet because your fear or negative thinking has kept it frozen it underground.
You have the power to bring that little seed into the sunshine, & you should!! It’s time to bloom!