Three LA Dinner Date Options- French Edition

    If you know Devon and me, you know that we take going out to eat very seriously. We LOVE trying new restaurants as a couple, probably a little too much. We even keep a list of all the restaurants we’ve tried out…it’s a bit excessive. But on a more serious note, I will forever be appreciative of how intentional Devon is about taking me out on dates. Going out to nice dinners always makes me feel incredibly special, and I’m so thankful to have a best friend for life who shares my love of good food!

    In this article, I’m sharing reviews from three different French-inspired restaurants Devon has taken me to. Gentleman, put these on your list for your next special occasion dinner date!


    An otherwise ordinary street in the heart of Downtown LA boasts a hidden gem situated in the skyline. Perch is a rooftop treasure, combining excellent cuisine with tasteful Parisian trendiness. The decor is ornate but affords a sophisticated atmosphere, pairing velvet upholstered couches with live music and a decidedly socialite nighttime clientele. To get here, you must first locate an unassuming lobby with little to no indication that an exclusive experience awaits on the other side of an elevator ride. In addition to the seductive secrecy of Perch, versatility is one of its finest qualities. You can confidently come to Perch for casual brunch, a cocktail outing, or an upscale date night. The unrivaled view offered here makes Perch a coveted destination for Los Angeles residents and visitors alike.

(If you try this place out, PLEASE order the mac & cheese. It’s infused with truffle & peppered with bacon- I dream about this mac & cheese!!!! )


    The simplicity of Cafe Beaujolais offers a traditionally romantic atmosphere lavished in French allure. Flickering candles swathe this open space in sultry light, setting the perfect mood for couples of all ages. Enjoy your momentary transportation to France, as servers with thick accents take your order and present genuine French dishes bursting with distinct flavors. Cafe Beaujolais hides away in Eagle Rock, humbly providing some of the most authentically European food in Los Angeles. Save some money on airfare to France, and opt for Cafe Beaujolais instead- you won’t be disappointed!

(We came here for Valentine’s Day and enjoyed their three-course Valentine’s special. I chose the apple tart for dessert, and it was absolutely phenomenal. Also, if you can spot it, there’s a piece of French bread on my plate in the first picture- the bread here is FANTASTIC. Small detail, but an important one. Bread is a great indication of a restaurant’s attention to detail- if overlooked, bread can easily be cold, crunchy, or stale. When a restaurant brings out fresh, warm bread, I expect good things right off the bat.)



    Gorgeous marble flooring & high ceilings provide an immediate impression of grandeur and luxury at Bottega Louie. The open layout of the restaurant allows guests the option to view and choose from an eye-catching array of trademark French desserts in glistening glass cases. The option to customize a box of house-made macarons remains a staple attraction here, and the beauty of sunlight in this pristine space makes for a great daytime pastry run! On the other hand, Bottega Louie holds its own as an impressive dinner spot that emanates opulence. The servers maintain professionalism to the extreme, and each dish is carefully crafted. If you’re looking to make your date feel special, look no further.



Devon & I loved all three of these spots! Have you been to any of them? If so, what did you think?