Less Watching, More Doing

We all spend a lot of time on our phones watching other people do stuff. That’s just kind of how social media works, right? Like, in one scroll, I can watch someone go surfing, another person decorate a cake, someone else go to Coachella, or exercise, or do their makeup- you get the point. 
Now I know that seeing other people do awesome stuff can have a discouraging effect on us because it makes us feel like our lives aren’t as cool or interesting.
But what if watching those things also kind of subconsciously tricks our brains into feeling like we’ve actually done those things ourselves? And what if we end up trying fewer things in life because we’ve seen other people try them, and in some sense, feel like we’ve already experienced them?
My point is, I think we all need to be better about actually doing stuff. We’re great at watching other people do stuff, because that’s really easy. But we need to be pushing ourselves to break our habits and find time to do a little more living- even in small ways.
What if instead of getting stuck on a coffee account on Instagram watching latte art for 30 minutes, I actually went out and bought an extra gallon of milk and practiced latte art myself?
What if instead of watching other people play pickup basketball on someone’s IG story, you actually went and joined a pickup game or at least just shot around?
What if instead of watching other people living their lives, we went out and did more living of our own?
As a generation that’s lost touch with in-person participation and settled for watching others participate in life through a screen, let’s push back on that.
Bake a cake this week instead of watching someone else do it.
Take a dance class instead of watching someone else do it.
Live your own life instead of watching someone else live theirs. 
We have to take responsibility for our lives and how we experience the world. We have to hold ourselves and each other accountable to actually feeling sand under our toes, hearing live music being performed, tasting food- not just watching those things being displayed on a six-inch glass rectangle.
Let’s just start small- put down whatever device you just read this on & enjoy the day YOU get to experience. Have fun!