Guilt Doesn’t Come From God

I can get in the habit of being hard on myself. I feel guilty for sleeping in too long, for not volunteering enough, for not exercising, for being too critical, for thinking instead of doing, for a million other things. (Tell me I’m not the only one!!)

Turns out, that doesn’t really do much for me. I’ve never heard of a person who became successful, healthy, knowledgeable, disciplined, (fill in the blank!) by mentally beating themselves up. It’s tempting to focus on shortcomings because that’s the easy thing to do. It’s easy to become a victim of your flaws! When I focus on all the things I’m doing wrong, I settle into a mentality that puts my bad habits in a position of power. And that’s not how God wants me to live.

Guilt doesn’t come from God. I’ve heard over and over that God loves me. But my human understanding of worldly conditional love makes it difficult for me to really believe that God loves me no matter what. So here is my reminder to you (and me) about God’s love:

God loves you just as much on the days you don’t read your Bible as He does on the days you do. He loves you the same on the day you volunteer your whole morning, listen to 3 sermons and bake cookies for your lifegroup as He does on the day you literally do not leave your bed and ignore people’s texts and snap at your family. Or on the days you drink way more than you know you should.

Even on the day you made what you consider to be the biggest mistake of your life, He loved you the same. And He loves you even if you don’t believe in Him, hate Him, or want nothing to do with Him.

Don’t beat yourself up when you feel flawed. Don’t fall into the lie that God doesn’t love you as much. You are His child, He made you, He knows you better than you know yourself, and He loves you more than you can comprehend- every single day.