One-Size-Fits-All Doesn’t Apply to Life

If I could set my own clock that the world had to go by instead of our current timeline, I would have work start at like 11 AM & everyone stay up late with me. Bedtime would be no earlier than 1 AM- can you tell I’m a total night owl?? 
But obviously, not everyone is like that! My husband, for example, has basically lived an entire day by the time I open one eye. He gets up before the sun every day, and when we first got married, that was difficult for me. Not because I have a problem with it, but because I compared myself to him. 
Let me elaborate. 
I felt like I wasn’t as capable, productive, or responsible as him, just because my body/mind doesn’t work the same way. I have tried waking up early many, many times, and no matter how I try I really can’t convert myself to an early bird at this point in my life. (maybe someday!) 
But what I lack in the morning, I make up for at night. I am REALLY creative at night. I’m like, on a mission to get stuff done, come up with new ideas, re-organize the entire house- literally do anything at night. It’s not that I’m less productive from someone who is an early bird, I’m just different. I need a different environment and schedule to thrive. I also need more sleep! And that is OKAY.
Moral of this whole story is that we ALL need different things to succeed. And when I say “succeed”, I don’t mean “get rich” or “finally get the job”.
When I talk about success, I’m talking about living life as the best possible versions of ourselves. This entails many things besides money or status, such as physical & mental health, solid relationships, smart usage of money, strong connection with God, etc. 
That said, in order to succeed- or live our best lives- we each require different things. 
We are motivated by different things, we function best in different environments, and we require different food, different routines, different pillow softness, different hype playlists- you get the point. 
My point in this is to say that we all need to freakin’ STOP always looking at each other and listening to each other for what to do and just get quiet for a sec.
No expert or friend can fully tell us what we need because we are all very different from them. While there is no shortage of amazing and useful advice out there (I’m currently giving advice, I know), it’s sometimes so overwhelming that we forget to actually assess our own needs and decide things for ourselves. 
This means we need to individually pay attention to the unique needs of our own body, spirit, and mind.
We can’t expect to find all the answers by looking to everyone else’s standard and expecting ourselves to fit perfectly in that mold. 
While Whole 30 might be great for Jess, Paleo might be great for Carly, and Keto might be great for Anna, (& potato chips are great for me) none of those might be right for you. It’s okay not to match the exact routines of people we look up to or even just people around us.
And yes, we can seek guidance and wisdom from one another, but when it comes to specific stuff? We have to figure that out for ourselves & discern what God is saying we specifically need. And, what’s sometimes even more difficult than figuring out what we need is actually sticking to it and not guilt-tripping ourselves for having unique and specific needs. 
So, here’s to doing my best work at midnight instead of 7AM with less guilt, and more acceptance of my own unique tendencies. Here’s to ordering gluten-free pancakes because I’m allergic to wheat without feeling like a diva. Here’s to spending extra money on a manicure every few weeks because it makes me feel more like my life is in order. 
^ Small things? Yes. Insignificant things? No. 
What is a perfectly normal trait you have that you’ve been feeling bad about? 
How can you give yourself acceptance to just be the way you naturally are without trying to conform to what you feel pressure to be instead? 

3 Small Ways To Incorporate Movement Into Your Day

fitness progress each day adds to big results

Some people are blessed with perpetual energy and a strong motivation to stay fit. Others, not so much. It seems like the majority of fitness advice is written for those incredibly active people who live in lululemons, have an IV of green juice attached to their arm, and make it to the gym twice a day. But for the rest of us normal people, that can be pretty difficult to maintain!!

If you’re anything like me, you get overwhelmed by all the intense workout lists and healthy recipes that show up on your feed. Sometimes, simplicity can be hugely refreshing for your mind and your body.

Here are my three tips for incorporating movement into your existing schedule to maintain a healthy lifestyle without getting overwhelmed:

Wear Sneakers More Often

Let’s talk about shoes. As a girl who loves a good pair of sandals, I tend to live in flat shoes with zero support. Not only does this habit wreak havoc on my joints, spine, and overall posture, it also discourages high energy movement! I find myself literally experiencing a pep in my step just from the support of my sneakers! A choice as small as throwing on a pair of Nikes in the morning can make a huge difference in your willingness to move more throughout the rest of the day.

Take Some Laps

Got a long day of studying at the library, or work from home? If you’re wearing sneakers, you can easily take a break every hour for a light jog around the block. You can even add in some push ups, jumping jacks, or burpees! Incorporating movement in small increments adds up, and getting your heart rate up for any amount of time is awesome for you! Plus, you’ll get back to work with a fresh perspective and a dose of feel-good endorphins.

Set Small Goals

Do you have two extra minutes to spare in your day? If so, start your day holding a plank for one minute, and end it the same way. This is an example of a small habit that, if practiced consistently, will greatly benefit your health!
Start off with an attainable goal, and it will eventually grow over time. The positive feeling of accomplishing your goal, no matter how small it is, will boost your self-confidence and strengthen your discipline.

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to make small changes in your life. You can always start small and still finish strong! Try out these tips and add your own to the mix. Let’s make 2018 the best yet!

Now if I can just get myself to follow my own advice… 😉


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