I Have a Bad Habit

I have a bad habit. I’ve had this habit for years now, and I can’t quite remember why or when it started. & I’m willing to bet you might have this bad habit too…
Every time I see myself in the mirror in the morning, without fault, I say something REALLY rude to myself in my head. It happens so fast I barely even notice it’s happening! It’s practically automatic at this point.
^ big #mood.
I know how negative this all sounds, but let’s be real- we all have an inner critic that can lash out with some AWFUL words of hatred & discouragement. I don’t know why we do this (actually, yes I do, it has a lot to do with the beauty industry training us since we were young to hate our bodies so that we would continue to purchase product after product in order to quell the insecurities that those very products gave us in the first place thanks to their devious marketing schemes and manipulating advertisements, but ANYWAYSSSSS…), but we’ve gotta be more mindful of it.
I genuinely hope you don’t say mean stuff to yourself like I do. I hope your inner critic doesn’t whisper little lies in your ear like mine loves to. But if you’re in the same sad boat as me, listen up.
Perk those ears up and pay more attention to what you say in the privacy of your own head. Are you telling yourself you’re not good enough? Do cruel words come to mind so quickly that you didn’t even have time to decide if you wanted to think those things or not? If so, STOP it!
Stop stop stop stop it!!
You’re supposed to be your number 1 fan! You’re supposed to be your own hype man! You’re supposed to build yourself up with loving confidence so that you can offer your best self to this world, and that’s not gonna happen if every time you pass a mirror you insult yourself.
This is one of the hardest things to conquer. I have had to do some of the most challenging work of my life while standing in front of a mirror. And the work is never done, because we are always growing and changing over time. But if we don’t stop to think about how we’re talking to ourselves, society will train us to cut ourselves down without us even noticing. We’re learning to hate ourselves little by little, through commercials, IG posts, radio ads- literally everywhere. So it’s time for us to step up to the plate and go to bat with these lies.
I challenge you to filter your thoughts like your life depends on it (it kind of does, in a sense). No more self-deprecating comments. No more bullying yourself for being a normal human and existing imperfectly.
I know we’d all be so much better off if we could just get it through our heads that we’re enough just the way we are. So the next time you pass a mirror, say something POSITIVE to yourself. Give it a try! & I’ll be struggling right along with you.

Read This When You Hate Your Body

Let me try & catch you before you say something mean to yourself about how you look, because we all have those days.

Did you forget that your body has a purpose other than looking beautiful?

In fact, out of the list of things your body has on it’s to-do list, looking attractive is probably at the very bottom of the list.  If your body is successfully pumping blood to your heart, taking in oxygen to your brain, and performing basic functions such as breathing, I think you can forgive it for getting bloated after that bagel. There are functions our bodies carry out every second that far surpass the importance of aesthetics.

I forget this every single day. Instead of being thankful that I can walk, I complain that my legs are too big. I’m actually amazed at how ungrateful I am. There are people who don’t have working legs-or any legs at all- and here I am, upset about being able to pinch fat on my thigh.

This type of thinking is difficult to combat, because it’s encouraged by our society. We are continuously sold the idea that happiness awaits on the other side of an eyebrow wax, weight loss, or a botox treatment. We are manipulated into hating ourselves, because if we were all satisfied with our bodies, we would put a lot of companies out of business.

I consistently struggle with body image, and I know most other women do too. I think we are deeply afraid of being rejected on account of our imperfections. The fact is, we all have flaws, but those flaws don’t make us any less lovable. When someone loves you for your heart, they will find beauty in the things you hate about your appearance. This is something that my boyfriend, Devon, really taught me- he helped me see myself with more grace by showing me a love that is unfazed by physical flaws.

Now, my strategy is to acknowledge my flaws, but realize that there are much more important things to focus on. Like the fact that I can walk, dance, hear, kiss, feel emotions, and taste. I can have amazing experiences because of my body- I can even make another person with my body! I can live in my body. Our bodies were made to carry out functions, and we should appreciate them more for that. It’s a daily struggle to fight against negative thinking. But I try to remind myself that the purpose of a body is not to look beautiful. The purpose of a body is to be a vessel through which we experience life.

This is a topic I’m very passionate about, and have been for years. During my senior year of high school, I wrote a song about my struggle with body image, and then filmed & edited a music video about it. It was the first thing I ever filmed, and the project meant a lot to me! You can watch it below:

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