I Have a Bad Habit

I have a bad habit. I’ve had this habit for years now, and I can’t quite remember why or when it started. & I’m willing to bet you might have this bad habit too…
Every time I see myself in the mirror in the morning, without fault, I say something REALLY rude to myself in my head. It happens so fast I barely even notice it’s happening! It’s practically automatic at this point.
^ big #mood.
I know how negative this all sounds, but let’s be real- we all have an inner critic that can lash out with some AWFUL words of hatred & discouragement. I don’t know why we do this (actually, yes I do, it has a lot to do with the beauty industry training us since we were young to hate our bodies so that we would continue to purchase product after product in order to quell the insecurities that those very products gave us in the first place thanks to their devious marketing schemes and manipulating advertisements, but ANYWAYSSSSS…), but we’ve gotta be more mindful of it.
I genuinely hope you don’t say mean stuff to yourself like I do. I hope your inner critic doesn’t whisper little lies in your ear like mine loves to. But if you’re in the same sad boat as me, listen up.
Perk those ears up and pay more attention to what you say in the privacy of your own head. Are you telling yourself you’re not good enough? Do cruel words come to mind so quickly that you didn’t even have time to decide if you wanted to think those things or not? If so, STOP it!
Stop stop stop stop it!!
You’re supposed to be your number 1 fan! You’re supposed to be your own hype man! You’re supposed to build yourself up with loving confidence so that you can offer your best self to this world, and that’s not gonna happen if every time you pass a mirror you insult yourself.
This is one of the hardest things to conquer. I have had to do some of the most challenging work of my life while standing in front of a mirror. And the work is never done, because we are always growing and changing over time. But if we don’t stop to think about how we’re talking to ourselves, society will train us to cut ourselves down without us even noticing. We’re learning to hate ourselves little by little, through commercials, IG posts, radio ads- literally everywhere. So it’s time for us to step up to the plate and go to bat with these lies.
I challenge you to filter your thoughts like your life depends on it (it kind of does, in a sense). No more self-deprecating comments. No more bullying yourself for being a normal human and existing imperfectly.
I know we’d all be so much better off if we could just get it through our heads that we’re enough just the way we are. So the next time you pass a mirror, say something POSITIVE to yourself. Give it a try! & I’ll be struggling right along with you.