About Me

hey, I’m juliana!

here are some facts to get to know me:

• I live in LA now, but I’ve actually moved over 14 times in my life. I grew up in NYC & NJ!

• I have a mild obsession with personality tests. I’m a type 5 on the Enneagram & an INFJ in Meyers Briggs. If you know about any cool personality tests, PLEASE TELL ME!

• I love small animals- particularly the rejected ones no one likes. Like raccoons and squirrels and pigeons and opossums. I have been bitten by both a squirrel and a chipmunk from feeding one and trying to pick one up.

• I am married to an AMAZING PERSON!!! His name is Devon and he is my best friend ever!! We met in college and just got married in September!

• I am a professional singer! I grew up recording demos and commercials- my first ever commercial was for My Little Pony! I’ve sung on The Voice, a Dancing With the Stars commercial, have a song in an American Girl Doll Movie, and lots of songs floating around in different MTV and LifeTime TV shows!

• I used to be obsessed with Harry Potter growing up. I think I’ve read each book a minimum of eight times.

• I’ve produced and filmed for Awesomeness TV, iHeart Radio, Katharine McPhee, and lots of other random projects. My dad is a TV & movie producer, so he taught me how to shoot, edit, and produce. I gradually made my own contacts and worked freelance for a few years.

• I am SUPER introverted!! But I have the most random hyper outbursts, so lots of people think I’m extroverted.

• I LOVE traveling and am itching to go somewhere new soon. So far I’ve been to Amsterdam, Italy, Kenya, France, Ireland, Germany, Bermuda, England, Jamaica, and Wales.

For most of my life, I kept to myself- quietly filling up hundreds of pages of writing & adding to my stacks of journals. But then I decided that life is much better when you share yourself-whether through your time, gifts, thoughts, words, or all of the above. I hope what I share here makes you feel less alone & more encouraged. Thanks for being a part of my journey- let’s be friends!