About me:

For the past decade, I have been trying to find the right use of my creativity.

In elementary school, I studied classical piano at a pre-Juilliard music conservatory & performed at Carnegie Hall.

In middle school, I started recording in the studio. My first commercial was for My Little Pony, & today I sing for MTV, LifeTime, ABC, & more .

In high school, I performed on The Voice and was the president of my school’s a cappella group. We sang for parties at Disney studios, Joe Jonas’ house, and traveled the country competing.

In college, I started a career in production, and have shot and produced for Katharine McPhee, iHeart Radio, Awesomeness TV,  Jordyn Jones, & lots others.

These experiences were always so much fun, but something in them just wasn’t satisfying to me. The common thread throughout all of my experiences was that I have a strong need to be a part of something meaningful. Even though I love using my creativity when I’m performing or producing, what matters the absolute most to me is sharing my heart with others, and being involved in things that have Kingdom significance. I believe that when we are brave enough to share our experiences, our struggle can become an encouragement to others. My ultimate goal is to be an encouragement by what I share, and to use the gifts I have for good. 


Building My Trust Muscle

  HELLO, I AM BACK!!!! I haven’t written a blog post in ~months~ and I figured I’d end my silence today. Not that everyone is waiting on bated breath for[…]

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June 27, 2018 0

Three LA Dinner Date Options- French Edition

    If you know Devon and me, you know that we take going out to eat very seriously. We LOVE trying new restaurants as a couple, probably a little too[…]

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March 20, 2018 0
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Satan Already Hates My Marriage

   I’m barely engaged and Satan already hates my marriage. He hates that Devon and I have decided to join forces. He hates that we are going to make a[…]

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March 12, 2018 0

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